Puffit - Original
Puffit - Original

Puffit - Original

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Puffit - Original

The Puffit Vaporizer's functionality is controlled by an advanced internal microprocessor, and with a heating chamber that is plated with gold, the Puffit is capable of delivering some very satisfying vapor. In less than one minute, the Puffit heats up to your desired temperature.  It can vaporize material at several different temperatures. The top cap of the device is covered by a silicone heat shield, which helps to keep the heat contained within the chamber. The silicone shield is also good at reducing the exterior temperature of the Puffit Vaporizer. 

For a custom vaporization experience, the Puffit uses a rotary temperature wheel. It gives users eight different temperature levels to choose from. The lowest setting is 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest setting is 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The setting that you choose is based on your own personal preference.  A feature that really helps improve the functionality of the Puffit is a removable stir tool, which lets you stir your material around the heating chamber. This accessory is very useful because it doesn't require you to open the top cover, so you can stir the material and not have to worry about heat loss.  Vaporizing with the Puffit is very easy to do. First, remove the magnetic mouthpiece and take the cap off. Add your herbal blend to the chamber and make sure it's ground well. Put the cap back on and use the product's dial to select your desired temperature.  When using a vaporizer for the first time, you should always start with the lowest temperature and work your way up. To activate the heating element, press the cap for two seconds. The Puffit can take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to reach your desired temperature. 

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